About us

Codeseek provides staff augmentation or managed development teams on an hourly or monthly basis. You can choose a specialist from our development pool or we will recruit external talent based on your needs.


years of development experience


company size growth in a year


offices outgrown

3 000

cups of coffee drunk

9 out of 10

customers continue to cooperate with us after the 1st project


hours of coding in a year

We believe that the company values help to find a match between the client and service provider.

Be a team player

Develop growth mindset

Be humble

Always think positive

Stay honest

Facilitate collaboration

customers appreciate:

clear and honest communication via Slack and JIRA or any other communication platform

deep immersion into the  team and agile processes (daily stand-ups, ticket grooming sessions, sprint planning and roadmap reviews)

conversational skills along with excellent spoken and written English

get up to speed on any required technologies, including best practices and recommendations

undertaking the vetting process, recruitment and onboarding

the flexibility in changing the dev team size as needed

work delivered on time

Oleg Kotsik

CEO & Founder, CodeSeek

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